Thai cutie Mr. Tar Tar’s promiscuous sex life

We introduced Mr. Tar Tar in the previous post. Probably you are, as I am, attracted by his cute face, slender build, seductive gaze and huge Thai cock.

But if you have been fantasizing about having his huge meat loaf poking at your g-spot, you are probably gonna be disappointed. Why? Because despite self-proclaimed to be versatile, sweet boy Tar Tar likes to get hammered in his butt. And as you can tell from the videos below, he pretty much lets in every dick pointing at his anus.

By the way, the word promiscuous in this context has nothing to do with judging. I just wish I can have the colorful sex life he has. 🙂

Download HD version: Thai cutie Mr. Tar Tar’s promiscuous sex life – video 720p

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