Month: November 2016

Vietnamese hottie Lewie Booty has his bubble butt skewed on a dildo

Vietnamese hottie Lewie Booty is single, 5’5, 110 lbs and 23 y/o. He went to Central Oklahoma for college, and now lives and works in San Jose, CA. Lewie is particularly fond of his booty. Both playing with it and showing it to others. The video shows Lewie mounting his blue silicone dildo for a thrill ride.

Chinese gay couple make XXX video with cameraman’s help

Chinese gay couple make XXX video at home. Both the top and the bottom look academic and mellow. But when it comes to sex, they are much more adventurous than you think.

So they have been planning to make a sex tape for some time and tried to do so on their own. Unfortunately, acting and filming at the same time proved to produce shaky footage of local views. More importantly attending to the camera distracts the duo and takes out the fun. After much thought, they proceeded to enlist the help of a trusted friend to film the whole thing. Thanks to their brilliant work, you can now enjoy this quality home production.

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